"I was Supposed to be Nothing" is about the transition of a girl to a woman. She decided to use her hurt and misfortunes by turning them into love and success. The book was written, edited, and published within a 1 year timeframe. The author/self-publisher Toni Rain, was told that the book process couldn't be done within a year. There was a lot of emotional and mental cleansing during the process of completing this book. Most importantly, there was a lot of love poured into the book. The purpose of the stories being told is to let people know that they are not alone during their darkest hours and that there is still love and healing at the end of it all. Each memoir (story) has either a quote or song at the end. The quotes and songs used in the book were either written, listened to, or were inspirations for the author throughout her life journey. It is with great hope that each reader would take something positive from at least one of the memoirs in the book. Many people share similar lifestyles without even knowing it. Some of the readers may share similar life situations like the ones being told in this book. No matter what your life story is, try your best to see some light and love throughout your journey.

I was Supposed to be Nothing


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