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Meet Toni Rain

I’m one of those people who loves to love. I have a soft spot for wanting to help people live their happiest lives. Most of my areas of work have been in the field of ghostwriting, customer service, working with children, management, director, modeling, and making different crafts/art projects. I’ve done various assignments, in which most of them involved me working with and helping other people.


In recent years, I’ve been working on building my brand Toni Rain. It’s an “umbrella" of different projects that I enjoy doing, primarily because I’ve been able to help others. Under the Toni Rain umbrella, here are the different things that I do: I provide natural products for families of all ethnicities and for those of all hair types. I do Freelance Modeling. I'm also a ghostwriter, author, and self-publisher.


The books that I've written and self-published are I was Supposed to be Nothing: Memoirs of Storms, Sunshine, & Success  and Conservative Freak.  I've also written and self-published a 10 book series for children called The Adventures of Zuriloveland which is currently available of


In regards to my natural products, I provide natural hair, body, and massage products that are multi-usage. I did my own research on ingredients that had natural benefits. What makes the products so unique, is the fact that all the products are multi-usage, which helps families save lots of money. I make sure that I pour love into all the products that I make. The creams and mist are hand made from my home. There are other projects that I plan to work on over the next few years which include community involvement. I appreciate you taking the time to learn about me and wanting to know about the different products that I have to offer. Peace, love, and light to you all!


-Toni Rain

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