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TONI RAIN All Natural Hair, Body, & Massage products are multi-usage products for the hair, body, and massages. They’re products for all skin and hair types.  We focus on products that will give nutrients to the body that have naturally grown ingredients. The products are multi-usage, meaning that they can be used for different parts of the body. They’re used for moisturizing the body, moisturizing the hair, and you can also use them as a massage oil (creams can be used for all these things).

-Business Philosophy

Everyone should love and embrace their bodies. TONI RAIN All Natural Hair, Body, & Massage Products will help people fall in love with themselves over and over again each day. Healthy and vibrant skin is happy skin. We try to use the best quality ingredients from around the world. Using organic ingredients in our products is key. There is a range of different moisturizers that are fragranced and some that are non fragranced for those who are sensitive to smell. We offer products for the entire family. Some of the product fragrances are unisex. Babies to those that are seasoned can benefit from TONI RAIN All Natural Hair, Body, & Massage products.

I cannot go a day without my Lemon Drop TONI RAIN! The scent is so naturally enticing; never overbearing. The whipped butter leaves my skin moisturized, through the entire day, leaving it smooth and smelling lovely. We have also used the non scented whipped butter on our son, as he used to have eczema, however TONI RAIN has helped him tremendously! I will be ordering more soon!~

~April M.

Being natural for me is low maintenance. When you have a Great hair care product it definitely helps. Toni Rain helps keep my hair full of moisture my style is always get up and go. I spray the hair mist daily because it helps give it that light feeling and a shine. The moisturizer I love the fact that the same thing I use for my hair I can use for my skin. Toni Rain keeps my skin looking healthy and glowing while for my hair it keeps it full of moisture and soft. I love Toni Rain not only for me but my son too!!

Jasmine M.

I started using TONI RAIN Hair products over a year ago on my son's hair and I absolutely love what it does. Before using TONI RAIN it was awful trying to comb my son's hair. He would scream and cry the whole time making it impossible to do. After one use of TONI RAIN you could definitely see the difference it makes. Now we are able to comb through his hair with no problems! I absolutely love this stuff and wouldn't buy anything else

Dana M.

I recently purchased the Love Calls hair product by TONI RAIN. I mainly used it for a styling agent, sculpture, for that “messy look”. It was a breeze applying it, the consistency is a paste to a creamy depending on the room temperature. It comes in a neatly packaged canister big enough to swipe a dab or more from. The take away here was a big double bonus. Love Calls did it’s job, and provided skin care for certain skin conditions such as eczema. One of the main properties is the shea butter, which helps moisturize the scalp. I have to give props to the fragrance which is subtle, but very pleasant and has staying power. I am a satisfied customer and will continue using other TONI RAIN products as well. I highly recommend this product to any and all, great buy!

Jeff D.

My TONI RAIN experience has been amazing. I love the different fragrances. My favorite is the Sweet Fuzzy Peach. It leaves my skin feeling so moisturized and smelling Oh so sweet. And let’s not forget about the hair…finally a product that is all natural that can be used on your body and hair. My husband and I love this product! Thanks TONI RAIN :-)!


I really love TONI RAIN creams! It makes my skin feel so soft and moisturized! The scent and moisture stays in my skin all day! This is the only thing that gets me through the cold cold winters. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who's looking to have great healthy skin!"

Lanesha F.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Toni Rain Vanilla Shea Butter creme! The whipped texture was less greasy than other shea butters I have used in the past and made it smooth & easy to apply to my skin. Its my new favorite skin product! That shit is the"

Staci N.

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